Founded in 2016 Franc & Hanz are the first high-end bagmakers in the Netherlands and might as well be the youngest luxury brand in high-end bags. With a young, fresh and different approach to couture and street style they are set of to a new course in fashion.

Something old, something new, and something truly Franc & Hanz describes their mission to combine traditional saddle making craftsmanship with futuristic and minimalistic design.

The same atelier that created the unique designs also is responsible for the meticulous handwork that it takes to make each bag. There are no tricks or shortcuts to make bags into masterpieces, just a lot of hard work, experience, and a drive to be the best. No mass production for Franc & Hanz. Each bag is custom made.

Being different and not afraid to stand out is what makes a small Dutch brand successful in the world of fashion. Do high-end bags always come from Milan or France? Apparently not. Sometimes the best trick you can do is to make your move from an unexpected corner and just be different.

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Worldwide Shipping

Our bags are happy to travel to any location in the world. You can find our rates in the FAQ section. Our bags are send with ensured transport. That way we can guaranty you product will be delivered to your doorstep just as beautiful as it left our atelier.

Call Back Support

Want personal contact with Franc & Hanz? Just leave a number and a time you are available and we’ll call you. (We’re in the CET timezone). Prefer WhatsApp, Skype or Messenger? We will be glad to be of service to you there!

Payment Process

We cover all  big payment processes in the world. Paypal, all major credit cards, even some country specific payment methods. Is there an other way to arrange payment that’s more convenient to you? Just let us know.

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The Founders

We are Frank Zweekhorst & Hans Martijn Visscher, we’re the founders of Franc & Hanz. With long experience in saddle making crafts and technique and a drive to create a new luxury standard in high-end bags we merged our powers. We think design is one thing but the real magic of making a bag lies in the crafts and the people who put the bag together. We love working with natural materials: wood and leather. Our passion for our art is the reason each and every bag passes our own hands.

We never compromise. We aim to be the best and create a class of it’s own by using exceptional techniques, never do “easy” bags, always make things by hand, use supreme and very special materials and only be available as bespoke and custom made products.

We love fashion but we don’t do trends. We believe in making a product that’s magical, year after year and surpasses time. True style will never fade. Every choice we make, we always ask ourselves, is there a way to just do it differently? Being offbeat and independent can be a goal of it’s own.

We get inspired by music, street style and by cities like New York, Amsterdam and Milan. We aim to combine street style with haute couture, street couture that is. Our bags are only available at Franc & Hanz.

Franc & Hanz